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What Makes Us Different From Other Mortgage Lenders

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Hey Real Estate Agents,

Tired of working with sub par mortgage lenders? At the NuHome Team we reach out to our clients with multiple touchpoints before and after the funding process, because we want to ensure that our mutual clients stay top of mind. This increases your chances of existing clients helping to spread the word about their experience working with you and the NuHome Team. Our 14 day closing guarantee helps your offers stand out, and our experience and knowledge helps us provide the best service to your clients.

We offer a Client For Life program to help the client stay on top of their asset. With our Monthly Home Reports, we help the client manage their asset. Give access to reports that break down the equity, principal paid, opportunities to save money, shorten terms, paying extra, and much more. We offer special annual events and client giveaways to our clients. We want them to know they are appreciated for doing business with us and their realtor. 

Our clients receive an annual review of their real estate asset. It’s a free, non-obligation service designed to assist the client with home protection, financial planning, generational wealth, real estate planning, and credit & debt management. Because of our team of the best CPA’s, Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents, and more, we ensure the client gets the best advice and plan possible for their needs.

We also offer lunch and learns for our real estate partners so we can help you succeed in this industry. And we help your marketing efforts with co branded materials, monthly events, and so much more.

Do you want to become part of a winning team in the mortgage/ real estate industry? And further your success to levels you never thought possible? Give us a call. I would love to take you out for a cup of coffee to discuss the advantages of working with the NuHome Team powered by New American Funding.

Justin Brown

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