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Market Update – July 2017

Interest, housing prices, and multiple offers - oh my! In this market update, Justin Brown with the NuHome Team of Cross Country Mortgage sheds some light on how interest rates have risen this past month, the issue with rising housing prices and zero wage growth, as well as how to get your offer accepted in [...]

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Market Update – June 2017

Imagine potentially buying a home with only 1% down! In this market update, Justin Brown with the NuHome Team of Cross Country Mortgage explains this new conventional loan, a new 5% Jumbo Loan option, as well as what Fannie Mae is doing to expand the market for more people to become homeowners. He also goes [...]

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Market Update – May 2017

If you have high-interest rate student loans, then you’re in luck! In this market update, Justin Brown with the NuHome Team of Cross Country Mortgage discusses a new way for those with student loans to refinance with their property in order to consolidate their loans and result in a lower interest rate. He also goes [...]

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Since the middle of March, interest rates have become more stable. Government loans such as VA and FHA are in the high 3’s and low 4’s while conventional loans are in the low 4’s and up. To find out how current world events impact the stock market and, in turn, our interest rates, watch this [...]

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Market Update – March 2017

There are three rate hikes this year that you should be aware of. The Fed Fund Rate is the interest rate that banks borrow money off of, from each other or from the federal reserve. The easier and cheaper it is for banks to get money, the easier it is for us as consumers it [...]

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Justin Brown – Letter From The Heart – February 2017

Hi NuHome Family & Friends, I hope your 2017 is getting off to a great start!  By now, you have probably conquered some of your New Year’s Resolutions….and abandoned others.  I heard that about 80% of people end up missing the mark on their goals by mid-February.  It’s not easy!  One of my personal resolutions [...]

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The FHA announced this week they are cutting mortgage insurance premiums for borrowers, a move designed to counter the effects of rising interest rates. The annual fees that the FHA charges to guarantee the mortgages it backs are being lowered by a quarter of a percentage point which, equates to an annual cost of 0.60 [...]

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Market Update December 2016

It’s official. Low mortgage rates may soon become a distant memory as the FED raised rates a quarter of a point this month. Since November, interest rates of 30-year conforming mortgages have shot up more than 50 basis points which has resulted in the highest mortgage rates in almost two years. This is obviously concerning [...]

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Refinancing Your Mortgage? Know These Key Terms Before You Sign Your Paperwork

When it comes to your mortgage, there are a lot of key terms that are important for every homebuyer to know, and this is no less true than when it comes to refinancing your most important investment. Instead of leaving what’s unknown up to chance, it’s important to be aware of exactly what you’re looking [...]

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First-Time Home Buyers: Here’s A Quick And Easy Guide To Your First Mortgage

Delving into the real estate market for the first time can be a very intimidating thing with all of the mortgage and housing options available. Whether it’s market conditions or the amount you should be spending, there are a number of factors you’ll need to be aware of. If you’re just starting out and not [...]

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