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Does Getting Divorced Affect Your Credit?

While the act of divorcing doesn't directly hurt your credit, a divorce could indirectly lead to financial troubles that do hurt your credit. Divorce could hurt your credit score if payments aren’t made on accounts you hold jointly with your ex or soon-to-be ex. In some divorce proceedings, the judge declares one spouse responsible for [...]

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8 Helpful Tips For Seniors Planning To Move

Article by David Dixon Moving is among one of the most stressful life changes, but if you’re a senior, it can be even more overwhelming from both an emotional and physical standpoint. You're putting your home up for sale, sorting through decades of personal belongings, and family heirlooms. Packing and figuring out how to get [...]

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How To Sell Your House

Article by Jeanne Lee A Complete Guide For SellersMost home sellers dream of a stress-free sale where they simply list their house, quickly find a qualified buyer, collect the cash and hand over the keys. The reality is that selling a home includes many moving parts — some which you can control and some that [...]

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How To Improve Your Credit Score

Article by Anthony Walker Improving your credit score will take time and patience but is ultimately one of the most important steps you can take when planning for your future. One of the main reasons a higher credit score is ideal in the home buying process is because lenders are required to base the loan [...]

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How To Invest In Real Estate

Article by Anthony Walker If you’ve ever had a landlord, you probably don’t dream of being one: Fielding calls about broken appliances and overflowing toilets doesn’t seem like the most glamorous job. But done right, real estate investment can be lucrative. It can help diversify your existing investment portfolio and be an additional income stream. [...]

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When should you refinance your home loan?

Article by Anthony Walker There are many reasons why homeowners decide to refinance their home loan. If you’re a homeowner, you may decide to refinance to get a lower interest rate that can save you money on your monthly payments, to get a shorter term for your mortgage, help you afford home renovations, or simply [...]

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As a Mortgage Lender, how do you build Realtor relationships?

Article by Anthony Walker If you want to build a relationship with a Real Estate Agent, you might want to rethink your approach. Gone are the days of offering a rate sheet and a co-branded flyer. No one cares about those anymore. The “I’ll buy you lunch in return for your clients” is almost an [...]

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Tips For Downsizing During Your Golden Years

Article By David Dixon Your birdies flew the nest a long time ago, so your sprawling, four-bedroom, five-bath dwelling is more square footage than you need right now. Accepting this reality can be emotionally challenging, but when added to the physical aspects of downsizing, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The idea of sorting through a [...]

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How To Instantly Increase Your Home’s Value

Article by Anthony Walker We’ve all heard that owning a home can become a valuable asset that helps you to accumulate wealth in the long run. Well, it’s true! With the right upgrades, improvements, and additions to your home, the value can increase by the tens of thousands.As you make decisions regarding your home’s renovations [...]

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New Tax Law Changes, Benefits of Homeownership Remain Constant

https://youtu.be/1A25RbucxqU   While the passage of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) has introduced many changes, one thing hasn’t changed: Owning a home could offer yearly tax advantages and the opportunity for long-term appreciation. And there’s no price you can put on the pride of homeownership. WHAT’S CHANGED? Mortgage Interest Deduction. The interest [...]

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