Top 5 Things You Should Look For When Choosing A New Neighborhood

To find the perfect house, you have to find the perfect neighborhood. Here are ten things to look out for when choosing a new neighborhood.

  1. Rising Home Prices: Consider a place where home values are increasing at a faster rate than the national average of 6.9%.
  2. Growing Household Incomes: When homeowners earn money, they can afford to make more renovations to their house which, in turn, boosts home prices for the neighborhood as a whole. You can use Census data to find the median household income in a prospective neighborhood. Keep in mind the median household income in the United States was $56,516 in 2015, up 5.2% from 2014, the Census reports.
  3. Diversity: Fair Housing laws rescript real estate agents from mentioning a neighborhood’s demographics but you do a quick Google search if you’re interested in learning about local cultural centers, places of worship, and so on.
  4. Great Schools: Roughly 91% of prospective homebuyers said that school boundaries were important in their search. Check out for a comprehensive look at school districts, their college admission rates, average SAT scores, and more.
  5. Close-Knit Community: Don’t be afraid to visit local grocery stores, parks, or coffee shops to get a sense of the community’s residents, how they interact, and to ask them about their experiences living there.

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