The FHA announced this week they are cutting mortgage insurance premiums for borrowers, a move designed to counter the effects of rising interest rates. The annual fees that the FHA charges to guarantee the mortgages it backs are being lowered by a quarter of a percentage point which, equates to an annual cost of 0.60 percent of the loan. The new fee cut will save FHA-insured homeowners around $500 annually and is set to take effect January 27th.

Interest rates for a conventional loan are still hovering around 4% which, is still relatively low. What may be holding the market back is stagnate wage growth coupled with rising interest rates. As the rates increase, the cost of living increases which, puts a strain on prospective homebuyers and often out of contention. That said, if you can’t qualify for a conventional loan you can always pursue an FHA loan which, now looks like an extremely viable alternative.

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